About Us


With over 20 years of bonded communication, Ritz Realty is well recognized by the community and customers as a trusted partner that delivers outstanding services with great fortunes. We offers customized real estate services (which include but not limited to sales, rentals, managements and developments) in both commercial and residential transactions throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Ritz Realty was founded on the concept that the success of a real estate company is tied to the success of its clients. Yet, success is more than just working hard with clients, results of transactions and profits from properties are critical. Our agents are passionate to help clients with experienced knowledge through bonded communication, that we will ensure the best outcome in a real estate transaction. We strive to provide clients with excellent and responsive services for the best results of our clients.

In today’s market, information alone is never enough for profitable decisions. At Ritz, we believe responsive communication to digest and process helpful information will deliver better results. We are not just experienced professional realtors that do business with boring routines in hopes for good fortunes. We are experts in communication that are prepared to solve all situations with appropriate communication skills, to smooth all transactions and build trusted partnerships for all. Properties don’t have hands to put up a “sale” sign or legs to run, human beings do; properties don’t have brains to set up prices or knowledge to draft contracts, human beings do; communication the key for all transactions between all human beings.

Ritz is your communication, Ritz is your key.